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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Car Seat & Push chair

Car Seat
We were told we'd need a car seat that had a flat base to sit on so that her spread apart legs wouldn't be too much of a problem. We'd also need one with a very long crotch strap as when she was bolstered by cushions she'd sit quite high in the chair.

The person we knew had a Britax Club Class Extra with a Britax extended crotch strap (available by contacting Britax directly) and searching the net seemed to confirm that this was a good choice so we agreed to swap our Britax Eclipse for the Club Class the week before her cast was due to be setup.

A caveat to this would be that it really does depend how the cast is set so there were no guarantees other than that our original carseat was 100% *not* going to work.

Push chair
We've got a classic umbrella folding Mclaren buggy and it would seem to be just the ticket with it's soft sides. We'd need to pad out with cushions but it should be fine.

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