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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Cast Care / Nappies

It would seem that cast care, and more specifically keeping it clean & dry were of paramount importance.
We took advice from various sources and found the following out to be a good first guess on what kind of nappies to use.
From the outside>In we had:
1) The biggest ActiveFit nappies we could buy to go around the outside of the cast and keep everything in place
2a) At night time only, some terry nappy liners. Kinda like a massive sanitary towel.
2b) Some 'Dr. White' sanitary towels, the ones that fit onto some kinda of belt

So, I was guessing that this would all seem like a good idea and it all makes sense.

We were warned that the cast will end up smelling as there will be a point over the 6 week gaps where wee / poo will get onto the cast and it won't come off. This can also lead to skin infections as the skin inside the cast can't be cleaned! A double whammy!
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