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Saturday, October 16, 2004


A special visitor

We were lucky enough to know someone indirectly who's 2 daughters had sadly gone through this but from an earlier age.

She kindly came and spent an evening with us telling us about what to expect, about car-seats, cast care, everything else really. This was brilliant and really helped us get to grips with what was likely to happen.

We were also informed that the cast would be changed every 6 weeks to compensate for growth and to re-assess how the treatment is working.

This lady is working with the Sheffield Children's Hospital on putting together some information to give to parents of children with this condition so that they have some kind of idea about what to expect.

I can only wonder about how terrible it must be for people who don't know anyone with such a problem and what a shock it would be on the day of the 1st cast .
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