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Thursday, November 18, 2004


day 1 - all fine

Writing this in hindsight but I recall that the 1st night was pretty much OK. Nothing to worry about really, she was comfortable, no problems. We were worried about her waking up soaked 'cos we'd not set her nappy correctly but it appeared to be fine.

She'd had quite a bit of sleep and her appetite seemed OK as well. Again, all pretty much as normal. We wrestled with her high chair and managed to get here into her original one by kinda hooking the fully casted leg through the front opening, then her other leg through the side bar so she was sat at a very slight angle but nothing uncomfortable. We packed her up with cushions to support her and she seemed happy.
The highchair table was a good place to put toys as usual but swinging arms soon sent those flying! Good to see her back on form.

The rest of the 1st fully day went OK too but we we're all getting pretty tired. I'm guessing this was more down to novelty and the fact that I'd taken a day off work so both parents were on hand and we didn't get too worried about her not having a full bath.

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