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Friday, November 19, 2004


day 2 - car seat changes, appetite & hair wash

Again, the night went OK. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Car Seat

We started out with the intention of venturing out into the world today in the car. This was partly born out of our dislike at the way that she perched on top of the car seat and the way that it didn't fit 100% securely into our car. So we went to visit our local travel shop 'The Journey Centre' to try out some seats to find a better solution.

After testing out the few that looked like they may be OK we settled on the Britax Elite as she seemed to fit much better in there with some cushion support. It wasn't quite as simple as just taking it away as we had to order an extended crotch strap and had to sign waivers based on the modification this meant to the seat. We would have to come back the following week to collect the modified seat and sign the waiver.

Now I'm guessing but I suspect that her appetite has dropped off for one reason or another and she's got a bit of a runny nose. Guessing that this is to do with the cast fitting.

Hair Washing
This went quite well and was done by one person. She was held over the sink with her face up and her hair washed in a regular kinda way. Reasonably easy except for man-handling a struggling 10Kg baby in a massive cumbersome cast.

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