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Saturday, November 20, 2004


day 3 - Shopping

Again, reasonable night although I think the more extensive sleeping in the daytime is making her wake during the night and early in the morning. We seem to be reverting back similar to what she was like as a newborn but with the desire (and frustration) to do things that just aren't possible, such as sit up, crawl, walk, etc.

We decide to venture out shopping in the high street but this proved to be a stressful affair. We got there, she was put in her pushchair OK and all seemed fine. We went into the bustle of people and then "oh dear! Wide load coming through!", The angle of her legs was causing them to stick out making her very wide, which caused problems navigating through a crowd of people without someone catching a leg. This in itself made us almost give up but then we tried a shop and it was just simply too difficult to get her between the aisles without catching her.
We ended up with one of us waiting outside the shop with her while the other went in to do the shopping. Less than ideal really and I don't think we'll be doing this much!

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