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Sunday, November 21, 2004


day 4 - parp!

Nothing to report during the previous night time.

Day time went kinda OK so I ventured out on my own to try and get a few jobs done. When I returned it was bedlam!

She'd had an occurance of 'loose stools' that was quite a nightmare to sort out. We attempted to get the bulk of it out of the way with the regular wet wipes including pushing them down and around the legs, chest and back. We even had a long skewer type thing with a wipe on the end to try and scoop out those difficult places. There was lots of crying as she was on her front and we had to scrape out up her back.

We got a light mixture of water & washing up liquid and try to remove everything from the outside of the cast with an old toothbrush without getting anything wet but it was pretty engrained and it didn't make that much differnce.

The inside of the cast is a soft fabric so this absorbed some of the moisture unfortunately and this was never going to come out.

We got rid of everything we could using up almost a full packet of wipes but sadly it wasn't everything. We coated what skin we could reach in a mild barrier cream (Sudocrem) to try and prevent skin problems too.

You can probably guess the ongoing implications of this event.

Thinking about it
Well, I suppose no matter how much padding you put in there with nappies and liners the stuffs got to go somewhere and it will find a way. Maybe not having so much padding would be a good thing as at least there would be somewhere for 'it' to rest.

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