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Monday, November 22, 2004


day 5 - parp 2, 1st day back at work, pseudo bath

Parp 2 - the revenge
Todays events start with a bang, well a 'parp' same as yesterday. Nuff said on that one but it set everyone up right for the day. At least it happened while I was at home to help out.

Got home and the day had gone as well as could be expected. My wife had done various bits of jobs and pottering about to keep things moving and everyone distracted enough not to get bored.

Pseudo bath
We had the idea of letting her have a bit of a splash with some bath toys in the sink. She was wrapped up in 2 double folded towels from the bust down to keep everything dry, quite restricting but it did the job.
I sat on the corner of the bath with her on my knee and she had a splash in the sink with some of her toys and thoroughly enjoyed it! A good idea I think as long as we keep everything else dry.

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