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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


discharged & 1st car seat

Having been checked over, everything appeared to be OK so we we're discharged and free to go home. It was a good job really as she was starting to get tired again, as usual, so a ride in the car was going to be a good opportunity.

This was to be the 1st time we'd used the car seat too. We spent a good 5 mins propping her up with various pillows squeezed and pushed into various shapes to try and give support all along her back and also to support both legs, which were both hanging over the front corners of the car seat.

We were quite worried about her non-plastered leg as it was left to dangle by default and this was obviously going to place pressure on the backs of her knees and calf where it rested on the pot/seat. We used her fleece bobble hat to prop up her leg slightly and her leg rested on that as well. Worked out kinda alright.

The carseat itself had been modified by it's previous owner to include a long crotch strap from Britax, which was required now. Again, thank goodness we'd come prepared.

She did seem mighty strange kinda layed there at 45degrees perched across the carseat and didn't really look comfy at all, well, not as comfy as usual. She must have been comfy enough though as she soon fell asleep.

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