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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


she's awake!

A nurse came to say she was waking up so we dashed in to see her in the recovery room. She was laid on a trolley bed slightly inclined covered in blankets up to the chest. A nurse was with her, watching her vital signs (heart rate, etc.) just to be sure. We went to the side of the bed but she was still fast asleep. We thought she would have also been very tired having been awake from 05:30 till 08:30 when she was originally put under. We sat and talked to her, hoping she'd wake up. A mask of oxygen was placed near to her face as that the pure air would help to flush out any residual gases that were still in here system.

While she was asleep we pulled back the covers and took a first glimpse at the cast, which we'd kinda got used to the idea of by now but it was still quite a shock to see that it was actually there. It was also bright pink!

It took a good 15mins or so before she fully came round and we soon picked her up for a cuddle. She was moaning but not crying but she seemed pretty much the same as if she'd been woken up when she falls asleep in her car seat. We carried her through to the small ward and placed her in bed.

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