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Nokia Ringtone convertor

Please DO NOT copy this program over to your site, but make a link to this page! Instructing the user to download from here.

Ringtone convertor v2.0 for Windows. Converts TXT to MID format suitable for use with PC Composer or just listening to your tones. Please direct all correspondance to

If businesses are interested I can modify this program to support other input and output ringtone formats by request. I will not make changes for individuals. I currently only have a Nokia to test this with but it isn't limited to just Nokia. Contact me for more details.

I won't be posting any tone files myself as various people hold the copyright and I don't want to get into trouble.

SourceForge LogoThis project is now OpenSource via and it's main page can be found here:

There is also a mailing list for development purposes here. This is NOT for queries about the product.


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