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Personal History - Maybe this will enable people in my dark & mystical past to locate me! I've always lived in South Yorkshire, England.

I've recently had some success contacting friends via the fabulous FriendsReUnited, go over there if you fancy raking up some old memories! :)


  • Tickhill, Doncaster,
  • Balby (twice), Doncaster
  • Auckley, Doncaster
  • Thrybergh, Rotherham
  • Misson, Bawtry
  • Intake, Doncaster
  • Parkgate, Rotherham
  • Maltby, Rotherham



  • Alligata Software, Sheffield
  • Wise Owl Software & H2O, Rotherham
  • Teque Software, Rotherham
  • Vectordean, Ripley
  • Krisalis Software (a.k.a. Teque Software), Rotherham
  • Runecraft Limited


  • Doncaster Computer Club.
  • Rotherham Computer Club.

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